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PAF Procurement Procedures :
Tender Form (F-528A)                 :
    Tender Subject
   Submission Date
      459456 Explosive Detector Re tender   01-Jan-2019
      448150 Procurement of Transformer 100 and 300 KVA Corrigendum   24-Dec-2018
      436346 Procurement of Self Supported 120 FT Tower and Guy Supported 100 FT Tower Re tender   01-Jan-2019
      424191 Trolley Mounted GPU 60 KVA   07-Jan-2019
      424190 Nitrogen Charging Trolley with Regulators   07-Jan-2019
      424174 High Pressure Oxy Hose 60 Feet Corrigendum   18-Dec-2018
      424188 GSE for SAAB-2000 Aircraft   08-Jan-2019
      424189/P-42 Supersder Battery Charger Analyzer   07-Jan-2019
      466971 Tents PVC Coated Tensile Fabric   27-Dec-2018
      466972 Procurement of Diesel Fuel HSD Petrol MS 90 92 RON and Petrol MS 95 97 HOBC   27-Dec-2018
      470901 Central Oxygen System   26-Dec-2018
      470900 Frozen Suction Cryostat   26-Dec-2018
      470899 Embedding Station   26-Dec-2018
      470882 Basic Staining Station   26-Dec-2018
      424187 Solar Aviation Taxiway Light   24-Dec-2018
      436365 Procurement of Communication and IT Related Hardware and Servers   18-Dec-2018
      470876 CO2 Fractional Laser   17-Dec-2018
      470875 Freezer 70 Degree   17-Dec-2018
      470883 Operating Microscope for Eye Surgery   18-Dec-2018
      414738 Procurement of STTE Items for SAAB 2000 Aircraft   02-Jan-2019
      424186 GHE GSE Tools for F7 PG Aircraft   01-Jan-2019
      448142 Tyres for Common User Vehicles   18-Dec-2018
      470883 Operating Microscope for Eye Surgery   18-Dec-2018
      424174 High Pressure Oxy Hose 60 Feet   18-Dec-2018
      414736 Procurement of Helmet Testers Qty 13   02-Jan-2019
      459464 Night Vision Weapon Sight   20-Dec-2018
      459467 IR Laser Target Pointer   20-Dec-2018