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PAF Procurement Procedures :
Tender Form (F-528A) :
Contractors Prequalification Document :
    Tender Subject
   Submission Date
      424218 Gravimetric Filtration Kit with Accessories Qty 01 Corrigendum   03-Apr-2019
      470903 Hydrocolator Tread Mill Controller and Wax Bath Standard Size   01-Apr-2019
      470905 Electric Hydraulic Bed for Exercise and CPM Knee   01-Apr-2019
      470907 CPM Shoulder   01-Apr-2019
      424213 Elastic Medium Tester Ultrasonic with Accessories Qty 01 Corrigendum   08-Apr-2019
      424212 Ultrasonic Flaw Detector Tester with Accessories Qty 04 Corrigendum   08-Apr-2019
      LP 01 Procurement of Rack Wooden Showcase wooden and Cabinet Wooden   02-Apr-2019
      424210 Annual Maintenance of Exhaust Chiller Energy   09-Apr-2019
      470879 Video Hydroscope with Recording Resectoscope   29-Mar-2019
      470880 Laproscopic Surgical Set Complete Video Laproscope   29-Mar-2019
      414760 Procurement of Drag Chute Caps   28-Mar-2019
      436387 Procurement of ATCR System for PAAK   01-Apr-2019