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PAF Procurement Procedures :
Tender Form (F-528A) :
Contractors Prequalification Document :
General Instructions DP(Air) Suppliers :
    Tender Subject
   Submission Date
      436394 Procurement of Establishment of Disaster Recovery Site   03-Jun-2019
      436370 Procurement of Laser Printers   03-Jun-2019
      436373 Procurement of Equipment related to Power Network and Voice Requirements   03-Jun-2019
      470887 UVA and UVB Phototherapy System Dermasen   03-Jun-2019
      470946 Flexible Cystonephro Fibroscope   13-Jun-2019
      470947 Ortho Bed   13-Jun-2019
      470948 Duodeno Video Scope ERCP   13-Jun-2019
      470949 Microdebider System   14-Jun-2019
      470950 ICP Monitor   14-Jun-2019
      470951 Suction Irrigation   14-Jun-2019
      470953 Nephrolitholapary Neproscope alongwith Inst Set   17-Jun-2019
      470954 Endoscopic Submososal Defected ESD EMR Accessories   17-Jun-2019
      470955 Urodynamic System   17-Jun-2019
      470956 Lapro Urology Set   17-Jun-2019
      470957 EMG NCS Equipment   17-Jun-2019
      470945 Image Intensifier   13-Jun-2019
      470944 ECG Machine   12-Jun-2019
      470943 Motorized Pediatric Bed   12-Jun-2019
      470929 Refrigerated Centrifuge   30-May-2019
      470930 Dental Panaromic X-Ray System   30-May-2019
      470931 Electro Surgical Unit   31-May-2019
      470932 Pattern Scan Laser Pascal TRP Laser   31-May-2019
      470933 Ultra Sonography Machine   31-May-2019
      470934 Optical Coherance Tomography   03-Jun-2019
      470935 Phototherapy Lamp   03-Jun-2019
      470936 EEG Machine   03-Jun-2019
      470937 Cornal Topography Machine   11-Jun-2019
      470938 ENT Diagnostic Unit   11-Jun-2019
      470939 Cardiac Monitor   11-Jun-2019
      470940 Infant Incubator   11-Jun-2019
      470941 Motorized ICU Bed 7 Function   12-Jun-2019
      470942 OT Table General Surgery Ortho   12-Jun-2019
      470928 Sigmoidscope Rigid Complete   30-May-2019