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Principal Staff Officers
Active PAF Bases
A Command is a subdivision of the Air Force assigned with a major part of the Air Force mission and directly responsible to the Air headquarters. The Pakistan Air Force (PAF) Commands and Command Headquarters are:-

Northern Air Command (NAC) Peshawar
Central Air Command (CAC) Lahore
Southern Air Command (SAC) Faisal, Karachi
Air Defence Command (ADC) Chaklala, Rawalpindi
Air Force Strategic Command (AFSC) Islamabad

Direct Reporting Units:

A direct reporting unit is a subdivision of the Air Force directly subordinate to Air Head Quarters (AHQ), independent of any command or field operation agency because of its unique mission, legal requirements, or some other factors. These units are:-

PAF Academy, Risalpur
PAF Air War College, Faisal
Air Weapon's Complex
Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC)
  Pakistan Aeronautical Complex located at Kamra (Attock) is directly responsible to the Ministry of Defence. Its roles and tasks include maintenance of various aircraft and radars on PAF inventory. It also provides similar maintenance services to foreign countries. Presently it is gearing up to undertake the joint production of JF-17 Thunder aircraft. It comprises the following factories:-
Aircraft Rebuild Factory (ARF)
Overhauls, repairs, upgrades of F-7 aircraft and relevant weapon systems. 
Mirage Rebuild Factory (MRF)
Overhauls, repairs, upgrades of Mirage aircraft and relevant weapon systems.
Aircraft Manufacturing Factory (AMF)
Manufactures Mushshak, Super Mushshak and subassemblies for K-8 Aircraft.
Avionics Production Factory (APF)
Produces, rebuilds and repairs avionics and air defence systems.