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"Those who spend their wealth (in Allah's Cause) by the night and day, secretly and openly, Allah will reward them (on the Day of Judgement) and they will have no fear, nor shall they grieve." [SURAH AL-BAQARAH, Verse No. 274]
According to the teachings of Islam, serving humanity is beyond creed, colour, caste and is the biggest virtue man can ever aspire for. The blessed and privileged ones have obligation to look after the less privileged and poor members of society. Those who undertake such duty are the real saviour of humanity. Retrospectively, PAF has the honour that some of the dedicated retired PAF Officers have initiated the noble mission of establishing and running welfare organisations spareheaded by a project named Rashidabad launched in 1998. The project has been named after Flt Lt Rashid who embraced shahadat in 1997 while on an operational mission.  
The project since its establishment has grown into a mega welfare organisation encompassing City of Education, Medical Complex, LRBT Free Eye Hospital, Special Schools for vision and hearing impaired children and Vocational Training Centres for Women. On the successful culmination of this project two other projects Alamabad at Swabi and Yunasabad at Quetta would be launched very shortly. These projects have been initiated in the memory of Air Cdre MM Alam (Late) and Flt Lt Yunas (Shaheed), veterans of 1965 and 1971 wars to commemorate their supreme sacrifices and remarkable contributions.  
All these projects aim towards alleviation of poverty, illiteracy, fighting against diseases, providing shelters and accommodations to the homeless, economic and social uplift of the impoverished ones.  
Glimpses of Rashidabad
LRBT Eye Hospital SST Boarding School for 500 Boys YK School for 900 Boys and Girls
Blood Transfusion Center School for Hearing Impaired
Donate Generously  
Being member of PAF community, we must participate in this noble cause by contributing open-handedly in cash or kind. Each penny spent in this cause will give sight to the sightless, light to the ignorant, health to the unhealthy, hope to the hopeless, and life to the hapless. All the PAF personnel are encouraged to give their donations, charity, Sadaqa and Zaqat open heartedly in the way of Allah; certainly, your this act will be rewarded manifold in the world hereafter. Let's join hands together to make these welfare projects a success by contributing directly in the following Bank Accounts:-  
PK Rupee Account  
RMWO Alamabad Account RMWO Yunasabad Account RMWO Rashidabad Account
Bank Name : Meezan Bank Bank Name : Meezan Bank Bank Name : Meezan Bank
Account No : 8901-0102644980 Account No : 8901-0102256825 Account No : 8901-0101071542
IBAN Number : PK39 MEZN 0089 0101 0264 4980 IBAN Number : PK39 MEZN 0089 0101 0225 6825 IBAN Number : PK39 MEZN 0089 0101 0107 1542
US Dollar Account  
RMWO Rashidabad Account    
Bank Name : Meezan Bank        
Account No : 8901-0101071685        
IBAN Number : PK58 MEZN 0089 0101 0107 1685        
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    Air Cdre (Retd) Shabbir Ahmad Khan SI(M), SBt