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Pakistan Air Force (PAF) College, Sargodha is a residential institution run on classical public school lines. It prepares boys for the Secondary and Intermediate Examinations held by the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Sargodha. The aim is to impart quality education as well as to provide a healthy environment which would help produce confident, disciplined and courageous young men possessing a strong character and qualities of command and leadership. In order to mould and develop an all round moral and intellectual personality of the young students, an all out attempt is made to achieve a 'whole man and an officer concept'. The efforts are specially aimed at imbibing in them a spirit of service towards the nation as proud, motivated and fine young gentlemen.



PAF College is situated in Sargodha on PAF Road, close to PAF Base Mushaf. Amidst the numerous lush green playing fields and towering trees, the two storey main School building presents a majestic look. The other buildings comprise a mosque, an auditorium, eight students' lodging 'Houses' , a students' mess, a canteen and a hospital. The green surroundings and the imposing building lend a serene and majestic look to the School. Residential accommodation for the Principal, Vice Principal and the School Faculty is located within the School Campus.


Highly qualified, experienced and dedicated teaching staff is engaged round the clock for education and training in the School. To provide effective teaching and efficient supervision, the two faculties, Science and Humanities, are divided into academic departments:-

Humanities : English, Urdu, Pakistan Studies, Islamic Education and Geography.
Sciences : Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Computer Sciences.

In addition, the senior most instructor of each subject heads the department, supervises instruction and deals with other related matters. Physical training and drill of the students is supervised by the Physical training and drill instructors. The other staff comprises the Administrative Officer, Bursar, Doctor, Psychologist, Logistics Officer, Khateeb for the Mosque and the requisite ministerial staff.


The students are prepared for the Secondary School Certificate and Intermediate Examination conducted by the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Sargodha. The following subjects are taught:

Secondary School Certificate Examination
English, Urdu, Islamiyat, Pakistan Studies, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Computer Science.
Intermediate Examination (Pre-Engineering Group)
English, Urdu, Islamic Education, Pakistan Studies, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.
Religious Education

Islamiyat is a compulsory subject and the essentials of religion are taught in the classrooms. Motivational talks and prayers in the School mosque amply supplement religious education in the classrooms.


The School holds internal examinations to assess the ability of the students and prepare them for the Board Examinations. Progress tests, Terminal and Pre-Board examinations are a regular feature of the School schedule.

The parents / guardians are regularly informed of their son's / ward's overall performance and attitude. The weak student showing consistent poor progress is withdrawn.

PAF School has produced outstanding results in Board Examinations. The boys take full advantage of the conducive academic atmosphere at the School and are among the top position holders in the Board Examinations.


Daily Schedule  
The daily schedule is made with a view to making the best use of the available time. The routine programme aims at providing adequate time for the activities that help shape and develop the students' personality in accordance with the envisaged aims and objectives. As such an appropriate stress is laid on academic, moral, intellectual, physical and extra-curricular activities.
Games, Physical Tranining and Drill  

With the notion that sports fields are instrumental in preparing young men to perform their role effectively in life,the School has made sports an essential and integral part of boys' training. Afternoon games are compulsory for all the students. For this purpose, the School has the facilities of six lush green Football grounds, six Hockey fields, eight Basketball courts, one Squash court, one Cricket / Athletics field, one Gymnasium and one Swimming Pool. For indoor games like Table Tennis, Carom, Chess, etc., the facility is provided in each of the eight boarding houses. Besides these, the boys receive training in Karate and Gymnastics as well. They are also given orientation in Drill for their probable future careers in the armed forces.

Friendly Sports Fixtures  
To inculcate sportsman spirit in the boys and help them expand their circle of friends, the School plays friendly fixtures against the institutions of repute like Military College Jhelum, Cadet College Hasan Abdal, Aitheson College Lahore and other institutions of similar nature.
Library and Audio Visual Aids  

The School has a well-equipped library manned by a trained librarian and other staff. In addition, a small library has been established in each 'House' to help the students to develop the habit of reading. Modern educational aids like OHPs, Multimedia Projector, etc., are used to make classroom instruction more effective.

Language Lab  
To provide the students ample exposure to spoken English, the School has established a well-equipped Language Lab. The boys are exposed to a variety of well-chosen language programmes and given enough opportunity to polish their spoken expression under the guidance of trained teachers.
Computer Lab  
In order to keep pace with the technological advancement, especially with the boom in Information Technology, the School runs modern Computer Labs. It has been equipped with updated computers and provided the Internet connection. The boys are encouraged to keep e-mail address and given a sound orientation in the Information Technology (IT) field.
House System  

Students are accommodated in eight houses named after aircraft used by PAF. A house organizes its own study periods, social functions, excursions, swimming, indoor and out door games, etc. Each house is under the charge of a Housemaster who is assisted by an Assistant Housemaster and a Physical Training Instructor (PTI).

In order to train students in shouldering responsibility and exercising authority, there are a number of student appointments. Each house has a House Captain who is assisted by a School Prefect and two House Prefects. House Captain is a Student Incharge of the various House activities.

These activities go a long way in promoting team work and spirit de corps. Also, to inculcate competitive spirit and a sense of achievement, Inter House competitions are held in various games/ activities viz all outdoor sports, (hockey, football,basketball), athletics, drill, swimming, qira'at, debates, current affairs and cleanliness. Separate shields and trophies are awarded to the winner of each competition. The Quaid-e-Azam Shield is awarded to the overall Champion House.



For round the clock medical care, the School has a hospital headed by an Air Force doctor with the necessary staff to assist him. For further specialized treatment, the boys are sent to the PAF Hospital adjacent to the PAF Base, Mushaf, where they are admitted in the Officers' Ward. The PAF Hospital is an updated facility with almost all specialists available round the clock.

To guard against epidemics, vaccination and inoculation is carried out periodically. Students are medically examined in all respects and a proper individual health record is maintained. The School also has an isolation ward for the segregation of patients suffering from infectious diseases.

In case a student needs an operation, all efforts are made to inform the parents / guardians. However if there is no time to inform them, such students are operated upon without any delay. The parents / guardians of the students are required to submit a written permission for urgent, lifesaving surgery. In case of an emergency the authority rests with the Principal

While at the School, students are to be in the prescribed dress. They are not permitted to wear private clothes or shoes. The uniforms / shorts / track suits are provided to the students by the School.
Students' Mess  

The Mess is under the supervision of the President Mess Committee who is assisted by the Mess Secretary and the Food Member. Students are also associated with the management of the Mess. One representative from each 'House' will be a member of Mess Committee which would meet regularly to draw up the menu and discuss ways and means of improving the Mess.

The Mess Committee meeting is presided over by the Principal. Meals include breakfast, lunch, evening tea / cold drinks and dinner. However, there is no provision for extra messing.


The School offers the students a wide variety of extra curricular activities and the students can participate in any of them according to their individual interest and inclination. Some of the major clubs include:

Internet club, Science club, Arts club, woodwork club, clay modelling and music club

Recreational Activities  
Picnics are arranged regularly. The boys are taken to various recreational spots around Sargodha. Also, a camping trip is annually made to Lower Topa by the senior most entry. Besides these excursions, various educational visits are also a part of training schedule at the School.
Indemnity Bond by Parents/Guardians
Parents/guardians are required to submit a gliding training Indemnity Bond on initial joining of their sons/wards.  
School Magazine  
The School Magazine is published annually in two sections (English and Urdu) and contains articles and essays by the students. Every student is given a copy.  
Terms and Holidays  

The academic year is divided into two terms:

1st Term : January to May

2nd Term : August to December

Leave, other than the holidays is authorized by the School, only in exceptional circumstances.  
The students are permitted to receive visitors once a month on scheduled Sunday during the term. The visit dates are communicated to the parents at the beginning of the term.
Parents / Guardians seeking any information regarding their son / ward are to address all correspondence only to the Principal or the Vice-principal. The School has the facility of a Public Call Office (PCO). The boys can make calls to their parents/guardians on payment. For an emergency message the parents may contact the Housemaster at his residential phone.
Post Office  
The Post Office facility is available in the School.  

Postal Address

Student's postal address is given as below:

Name of the student ___________________
No.& House ___________________
PAF Public School, Sargodha
Post Code No 40180

Age and Qualification:  
Not to be under 11 ½ year or over 13 ½ years of age on 1st January of the year of admission. No relaxation in the age limit is permitted.
During selection candidate should be in Class VII/VIII. The candidate must have passed Class VII at the time of joining the School.
Must be a male citizen of Pakistan or Azad Kashmir.
Application form for Admission  

The Application form for admission can be obtained from the School. The details regarding the submission of application forms are advertised every year in the leading English and Urdu dailies. Roll number slips are sent to all the eligible candidates with in a reasonable period after the last date of the applications. Application forms can be obtained from the PAF Information and Selection Centers and from PAF CollegeSargodha.


Note: Please do not apply if you do not meet the criteria given below:

Eye Sight - 6/6 Without Glasses
Physical Standard as per the table given below:
Age at the time
of Application
11 ½ to 12 Years 12 to 13 Years 13 to 13 ½ Years
Minimum Height 133 Cm 137 Cm 147 Cm
Minimum Weight 29 to 31 Kg 31 to 37 Kg 37 to 40 Kg
Min Chest Expanded 62 to 63 Cm 63 to 66 Cm 66 to 71 Cm
Range of Expansion 3.5 Cm 3.5 Cm 3.5 Cm

Note: No major deformity.


Written Test/Interview/Medical Test  

Candidates are required to appear in three written tests. i.e. a combined test for English and Urdu, a combined test for Mathematics and General Science followed by an Intelligence Test. All the tests shall take place on the same day. English / Urdu and Mathematics / General Science papers are of two-hour duration, while the Intelligence Test is of 20 minutes. For the convenience of both English and Urdu Medium boys , the Mathematics and General Science papers may be attempted either in English or in Urdu. The use of a calculator in the Mathematics paper is not permitted.

The Entrance Test for the School is a competitive examination. The syllabi given in the Prospectus are meant only for the general guidance of the candidates. While by and large the questions in the subjects concerned may be based on the syllabi in vogue in various Textbook Boards in Pakistan, questions may be set in any form in any paper maintaining the basic features of the prescribed syllabi in each subject.

Candidates qualifying the written test are called for interview and preliminary medical. Selected candidates are given a medical test of General Duty Pilot GD(P) standards by Central Medical Board (CMB). Only those candidates who are found medically fit are considered for admission.

Examination Centres  

The written test / interview is held at the following centers:

Rawalpindi, Lahore, Multan, Peshawar, D.I. Khan, Quetta, Karachi, Hyderabad, Sargodha and Sukkur.

Note: In case, it is not feasible to hold the entrance test and interview at any of the centers mentioned above, the candidates of that center shall be asked to appear at another center.

Application Forms  
The details regarding the submission of application forms are advertised every year in the leading English and Urdu daily newspapers. Roll number slips are sent to all the eligible candidates within a reasonable period after the last date of the receipt of the application. Application forms are available only in the Prospectus, which can be obtained from all the PAF Information and Selection Centres and also from PAF Public School, Sargodha.
Bond Liability  
The students selected are required to join Pakistan Air Force after having completed their training at PAF Public School, Sargodha. The parents/guardians of students are required to furnish a bond to the effect that their son/ward would serve the Flying / Engineering or any other Branch of Pakistan Air Force.
School Rules  

Students are NOT permitted to keep the following:-
Transistor, video games and electric appliances.
Unauthorised medicines.
Money (other than authorized pocket money)
Students guilty of the following offences are liable to be expelled from the School:
Cheating, lying , stealing and immoral conduct.
Willfully and deliberately damaging the School property.
Keeping fire-arms or knives of large size, etc.
Breaking bounds.
Rudeness to staff and seniors. Rude behavior of students' parents / guardians towards staff.
Being absent from class or any other School activity without proper permission or cause.
Being habitually unpunctual, untidy and slovenly.
Continuously giving a poor performance in academics.
Smoking / Drug Addiction.
Non-payment of development charges.

Eligibility Conditions for the Retention of Students at PAF Public School, Sargodha.

After completion of Matric, only those obtaining First Division (Grade A & B) shall be retained for further studies up to F.Sc.
Those obtaining Second/ Third Division in Matric may continue until F.Sc. On payment. (If such students secure First Division in F.Sc. And are declared fit by Central Medical Board (CMB), they would be permitted to join the Pakistan Air Force).
Medical Examination  
The students are required to undergo an annual medical examination by the School Medical Officer during the 5 years stay at PAF Public School, Sargodha. Medically unfit students are screened out.
Medical Examination by CMB (Central Medical Board) is held during final award. Only fit students appear before ISSB.
Students fulfilling the required criteria for joining the PAF are permitted to join PAF Academy, Risalpur for professional and flying training.