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Pakistan Air Force (PAF) College Lower Topa is situated at PAF Base, Lower Topa which is located in the proximity of Murree. In the midst of lofty mountains covered with tall pine trees. The School presents a magnificent view. Placed on a mountain hilltop, the institution is made up of a series of building. These comprise the boarding lodgings, academic blocks, hobbies section, laboratories, administration, library, hospital, etc. The other buildings consist of a mosque, an auditorium, a messing block and gymnasium. Surrounded by a pleasant environment and bracing climate, the College is serving with immense pride, as a nursery for the future leadership of the Pakistan Air Force.



The primary aim of PAF College Lower Topa is to educate and groom boys for Intermediate examination of Federal Board. The mission is accomplished in a healthy environment. The effort is to mould the new entrants into confident and disciplined young men with a strong character and qualities of command and leadership, so that they become future officers of the Pakistan Air Force.

Board of Governors:  
The School has governing body known as the board of governors which is responsible for the smooth functioning and administration of the school. The Chief of the Air Staff PAF is the Chairman of the Board of Governors.The Vice Chief of the Air Staff is the Chairman of the Standing Executive Committee. The Principal is responsible to the Board of Governors, for the efficient administration of the school.
Admission Policy:  
Admission to the School is made in class VIII every year subject to conditions given below:
Age: Not under 11 ½ years and not over 13 ½ years of age on 1st January of the academic year.
Qualification: Should have passed Class VII at the time of admission in Class VIII.
Entrance test: The candidates will be required to undergo Intelligence Test, written Academic Test, Interview and Medical Test.
Annual in-take: Approximately 60 students once a year.
Medical Examination: Preliminary medical examination will be conducted at the Selection centers. A Final medical examination (Central Medical Board) will be held for short listed boys. Only those students will be retained for nomination on merit who clear the medical test.

The institution is affiliated with the Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (FBISE), Islamabad.


The students are prepared for the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) and Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC) examinations conducted by the Federal Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education, Islamabad. The Courses of studies are as under:

Matriculation or Secondary School Certificate (SSC)
English, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, Urdu, Islamiat and Pakistan Studies.
Intermediate (HSSC) - Pre-Engineering
English, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Urdu, Islamiat and Pakistan Studies.
Academic Terms

The Academic year is divided into three terms, as under;-  
Ist Term : March to June
Mid Term : July to September
Final Term : October to December.

Highly qualified and well-experienced teachers have been employed for the education and training of the students in the School. Close supervision and effective teaching is ensured by departments of Science and Humanities each headed by a Head of the Department. The two departments are further divided into academic sections as under:

Humanities: English, Urdu, Pakistan Studies, Islamiat and Social Studies.

Science: Physics, Chemistry, Computer and Mathematics.

The senior most lecturer of each subject, heads the respective academic section, to supervise the instruction on that particular subject.

Religious Education:  
The essentials of religion are taught in the classrooms whereby Islamiat is a compulsory subject. Religious education in the classrooms is supplemented by prayers in the mosque.

Lower Topa is a residential institution. The students are accommodated in five 'Houses', namely Babur, Iqbal, Aurangzeb, Sir Syed, Siraj ud Daula and Tipu Sultan.

Each house is under the charge of a Housemaster, who is assisted by an Assistant Housemaster and a Physical Training Instructor (PTI). Each house also has a House Captain from the students who is incharge of various house activities.

Daily Schedule:  
The daily schedule is drawn up with a view to making optimum utilization of time. The routine programme strives to ensure that adequate time is provided for the development of all facets of a student's personality and abilities. As such equal stress is laid on academic as well as spiritual, moral, intellectual and physical activities.
Commemoration of National Days:  
All important national days such as independence day, Quid-i-Azam's Birthday, Iqbal Day, Defence Day and Air Force Day are commemorated by holding meetings in which the entire School participates.
Fees and Development Charges:  

No tuition fee is charged from students. However, for supplementary welfare and recreational programmes, each selected student would be required to pay Rs 2000/- per month as development charges upto class X and Rs 2200/- per month for class XI and XII. From this amount, students would be given Rs. 100/- & Rs- 150/- as pocket money, every month, for the two categories mentioned. Development charges are to be paid in advance on six monthly basis.

An amount of Rs. 1800/- per annum will also be charged for clothing items other than uniform. New students would be required to bring with them the development charges, which will be specified in joining instructions issued by the school.

An amount of Rs.5,000/- as security money (refundable), will also be charged from the new entrants at the time of admission.


For round-the-clock medical care, the School has a hospital headed by a qualified doctor with the necessary staff to assist him.

In case a student needs an operation, all efforts will be made to inform his parents / guardians. However, if there is no time to inform them, such a student would be operated upon without any delay. The parents / guardians of students are required to submit a written permission for emergent life-saving surgery.

While at the School, students have to be in the prescribed dress. They are not permitted to wear private clothes and shoes. The uniforms will be provided to the students by the School. Any willful damage to the uniforms will be charged to the parents. On initial joining, students are required to be in possession of clothing items as given in the joining instructions for the selected students. These will be worn by the students prior to the issue of the School uniform.
School Mess:  

The Mess is under the supervision of the President Mess Committee who is assisted by the Mess Secretary and the Food Member. Students are also associated with the management of the Mess. One representative from each 'House' will be a member of Mess Committee which would meet regularly to draw up the menu and discuss ways and means of improving the Mess.

The Mess Committee meeting is presided over by the Principal. Meals include breakfast, lunch, evening tea / cold drinks and dinner. However, there is no provision for extra messing.

Allied Facilities:  
Support facilities like MI Room, Canteen, Barber Shop, Cobbler Shop, Tailor Shop, Post Office, etc are available with in the premises of the College.  
Rules of Conduct:  
Students are NOT permitted to keep the following:-
Transistor, video games and electric appliances.
Unauthorized medicines.
Money (other than authorized pocket money)
Students guilty of the following offences will be expelled from the College:
Cheating, lying , stealing and immoral conduct.
Willfully and deliberately damaging the School property.
Keeping fire-arms or knives of large size, etc.
Breaking bounds.
Rudeness to staff and seniors. Rude behaviors of students' parents / guardians towards staff.
Being absent from class or any other School activity without proper permission or cause.
Continuously giving a poor performance in academics.
Smoking / Drug Addiction.
Leave, other than the holidays authorized by the School, will only be granted in exceptional circumstances.  
A student is permitted to receive visitors in accordance with School policy communicated at the time of admission.  
Parents / Guardians seeking any information regarding son / ward must address all correspondence only to the Principal.  
Postal Address:  
Name of the student _____________
Entry No __________
Name of the House __________
PAF Public School, Lower Topa (Murree).
The Admission Procedure  
Application form for Admission  
The Application form for admission can be obtained from the School. The details regarding the submission of application forms are advertised every year in the leading English and Urdu dailies. Roll number slips are sent to all the eligible candidates with in a reasonable period after the last date of the applications. Application forms can be obtained from the PAF Information and Selection Centers and from PAF College Lower Topa.
Examination Centres:  
The written tests, interview and medical test will be held at the following centers:  

Rawalpindi, Lahore, Multan, Peshawar, Quetta, Hyderabad, Karachi, PAF Public School, Lower Topa.

Note:- In case it is not feasible to hold the entrance test and interview at any of the centers mentioned above , the candidates of that center will be asked to appear at another center.

Intelligence test / Academic Tests / Interview / Medical Test  

Candidates will be required to appear in three written test i.e an Intelligence Test followed by a combined test for English and Urdu and a combined test for Maths and General Science. All the tests will take place on the same day. The Intelligence Test will be for half an hour while English/ Urdu and Maths/ General Science papers will be of one- hour duration each. The Mathematics and General Science papers may be taken either in Urdu or in English. The use of calculator in Mathematics papers is not permitted.

The syllabus of Class- VII for Federal Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education, Islamabad forms the basis for the Entrance Test. The Entrance Test for the School is a competitive examination. Questions may be set in any form, in any paper, maintaining the basic features of the prescribed syllabi in each subject. It is highlighted that the evaluation is not to be taken as a text book examination. A set of sample Question Paper is included.

Interview and medical checkup of all candidates qualifying the entrance test will be conducted at respective PAF Selection Centres. The medical examination will be of General Duty Pilot GD(Pilot) standard. Candidates declared medically unfit during initial medical check up will have the right to appeal for review only if they fall in the final merit list and their ailment is considered fit for review by the Director Medical Services DMS(Air). The Medical Board will be headed by DMS(Air). However, the expenditure on such appeals will be borne by the individual candidate.

Final selection will be made strictly in order of merit. The results are confidential and no correspondence will be entertained in this connection.

Bond Liability:  
The students are required to join The Pakistan Air Force after having completed their training at PAF College Lower Topa. The Parents / Guardians of students would be required to furnish a bond to the effect that their son / ward would serve the PAF Flying / Engineering or any other Branch of Pakistan Air Force.
Eligibility Conditions for the Retention of Students at PAF Lower Topa  
After completion of Matric, only those obtaining First Division (Grade A&B) shall be retained for further studies upto FSc subject to their clearing CMB.
Those obtaining Second / Third Division in Matric may continue until FSc on payment of enhanced fees.
(If such students Secure First Division in FSc and are declared fit by CMB and Inter Services Selection Board (ISSB), they would be permitted to join the PAF.)
Fit A1G1/A3G1 - shall be retained in the College for finally joining General Duty Pilot GD(P).
Fit A4G1 and Matric First Division - shall be retained for joining other branches in the PAF.
Below A4G1 - depending on College / AHQ decision, students may continue studies up to FSc on payment of enhanced fees. They shall, however, not be permitted to join PAF.
A student fulfilling the required criteria for joining the PAF will be permitted to appear before ISSB for selection to PAF Academy, Risalpur.