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Directorate of Pension

The Personnel Branch is managing Human Resource in Pakistan Air Force. Prior to 1994 there were three separate entities responsible to look after the affairs of three important components of Pakistan Air Force Human Resource. Areas concerning PAF Officers were looked after by Air Secretary's Branch; Airmen matters were the responsibility of PAF Airmen Management Office and the Directorate of Civilian Personnel used to handle PAF Civilian Staff. To have better coordination and implementation of uniform policies to all the three segments, Air Secretary's Branch was elevated to the status of Personnel Branch in 1994. The other two components were made part of the Personnel Branch with the same charter of their Duties. Now Personnel Branch, as a single entity, is totally responsible for all of its Human Resource whether it is an officer, an airman or a civilian of any rank, grade or trade.

Starting from Induction / recruitment / commissioning through career progression up to retirement and even after retirement Rehabilitation of PAF Human Resource is the responsibility of Personnel Branch. It has following four major components.

Assistant Chief of the Air Staff (Per Officers) is responsible for the affairs of Officers  
Assistant Chief of the Air Staff (Per Airmen/Civilians) is responsible for all affairs of Civilian Staff and for policy matters of Airmen  
Assistant Chief of the Air Staff (Work Study) is responsible to review and rationalize the establishment of various PAF establishments.  
PAF Airmen Management Office is looking after the day to day problems of all airmen  
Provide right man for the right job  

Optimal manning through efficient HRM System

Core Values  

Equality, Justice, Compassion


To provide educated and trained manpower to PAF establishments and concurrently make succession plans for future requirements



  • Induction
  • Career Planning
    • Promotions
    • Extensions
    • Placements / Postings
    • Training and courses
  • Retirement
  • Rehabilitation



NOCs / Re-Employment (PAF Retired Officers)


Deputy Director (Manning) at Personnel Branch is to be contacted in case of any Query regarding Grant of NOC, Re employment

Grant of NOCs  
  • A retiring PAF Officer is bound to obtain an NOC to seek an employment within country or abroad, during & after LPR.
  • NOC for employment with foreign firm / country is issued after security clearance from Intelligence Agencies.
Re-Employment - PAF Retired Officers  
  • PAF retired officers can be re-employed, to meet the shortage and to maintain the manning level in the respective branches
  • After security/medical clearance they are offered the job
  • Maximum age on joining should not be more than 55 years.
General Queries  

PAF Officers may contact Deputy Director Record Section of Personnel Branch for any query regarding under mentioned areas.

  • Authorization and Issue of Service Medals, Bio-data, Release Book, Medical Record and for Retired Officers Identity Card.
  • Obtain Dependant Parents Certificate.
  • Issue of different types of certificates i.e. Family Details, Children Birth Certificates and Service Certificates.
  • Updating their Addresses in case of any change after retirement.



PAF Airmen Management Office is responsible for following in respect of all airmen.

  • Induction
  • Career Planning
    • Promotions
    • Extensions
    • Postings
    • Training and courses
  • Retirement
  • Rehabilitation
Services regarding PAF retired JCOs /Airmen  
  • Query cell at AHQ, Peshawar
  • Issuance of No Objection Certificate
  • Issuance of PAF crest on retirement
  • Procedure for Family Pension
Query Cell, AHQ Peshawar  

A query Cell has been established at Air Headquarters, Peshawar Sub Guard Room to attend the queries and address the problems of the retired PAF JCOs/Airmen. It comprises of the representative of the following.

  1. PAF Airmen Management Office
  2. Directorate of Pension
  3. CAO
  4. CAAF.

The retired JCOs / Airmen may approach the query cell during working hours for settlement of their various problems and seeking advice accordingly.

No Objection Certificate  

Retired JCOs/Airmen are required to obtain NOC from PAF Airmen Management Office for employment in the foreign countries. The following documents will be required for processing the case for NOC:-

  1. Original appointment letter of foreign Government Agency (i.e issued by the employer) which should contain period of contract, country and firm/department along with salary and job offered.
  2. Three copies of application form (specimen available).
  3. Undertaking Certificate duly attested by commissioned/class 1Gazetteer Officer.
  4. Attested photocopy of National Identity Card.
PAF Crest  
PAF Crest is presented to the retired JCOs/Airmen on completion of their term of engagement. JCOs/Airmen who could not receive their crest at their parent Bases/Units may approach PAF Airmen Management Office ( Oi/c Documents ) for the same. Their crest would be despatched to the nearest PAF Base/Unit under intimation to the individual.  
Family Pension  

On demise of pensioner, a Family pension case would be processed by his legal heir through respective District Armed Services Board, with the following documents:-

  1. Application of the legal heir.
  2. Photocopy of NIC of the individual.
  3. Death certificate of the individual from Union Council.
Retired JCOs / Identity Card  
  • Ex PAF JCOs are issued with Retired JCOs Identity Card on their retirement.
  • Widows of all JCOs/Airmen are also issued with Widows Identity ' Card. On receipt of death information of PAF Ex JCOs/Airmen, PAF Airmen Management Office issues application form for completion. On receipt of application the case is processed for preparation of Identity Card.
Change of Address  
Ex PAF JCOs/Airmen are to inform PAF Airmen Management Office, Peshawar and Directorate of Pension AHQ, Peshawar in case of change in the present postal/permanent address.  
Loss of Service Book (P-14) & Retired JCOs Identity Card  

In case of loss of P-14 or Retired JCOs Identity Card, the Ex JCOs/Airmen are to inform PAF Airmen Management Office, Peshawar through respective Secretary District Armed service Board along with under-mentioned documents:-

  1. Formal Application
  2. FIR of Police Station
  3. Copy of report at nearest PAF P&S unit.
  4. 3 photographs, size 11/4

Civilian Personnel


Directorate of Civilian Personnel is responsible for all matters of civilian staff of Pakistan Air Force. This Directorate is responsible for the following areas. Any query regarding these areas can be referred to Directorate of Civilian Personnel at Air Headquarters Peshawar.

  • Recruitment
  • Postings
  • Promotions
  • Honours and awards
  • Release and retirements
  • Processing insurance claims

Directorate of Pension

The Directorate of Pension is responsible to resolve all issues regarding pension of all PAF Officers, Airmen and Civilian Staff. For detailed guidance on the subject of pension, please visit Directorate of Pension  




DCAS(P) Secretariat: It deals with the overall queries regarding PAF Personnel.